Reinforced & Prestressed Concrete for Construction Managers

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Increase your value as a construction manager by gaining vital knowledge about concrete reinforcing and prestressing.Concrete is the most widely used building material in the world. In addition to understanding concrete, today's construction professional needs to understand the principles of concrete reinforcing and how prestressed concrete works. This includes both pre-tensioned concrete that is typically manufactured in a precast plant, and post-tensioned concrete that is cast-in-place. Post-tensioned concrete is being used more and more throughout the world to build multi-story structures, slabs-on-ground, and bridges, while precast prestressed concrete continues to be used in rapidly built structures like parking garages. Understanding how and why reinforcing and prestressing works in a concrete structure.Gain a better understanding of the principle and theory behind concrete reinforcing and prestressing to help you be a better construction management professional.After completing this course you will be able to…
Explain the meaning of passive reinforcing versus active reinforcing and list examples of each
Discuss the effects of adding rebar to a concrete element
Explain how the change in location of the rebar within the concrete effects its performance
List advantages of prestressed concrete
Describe the difference between pre-tensioned and post-tensioned reinforcing
Describe the precast concrete process
Explain how post-tensioned concrete works
List common examples of prestressed concrete structures


Reinforced & Prestressed Concrete for Construction Managers
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