Parametric input for Ramp in Finite Element using RampCalc


RampCalc0.1 – Parametric input for ramp in FE.

This program calculate data of beam, col and slab for ramp. It creates CSV file that can be used in sap2k or any FE package. It requires gnuoctave/matlab to work.

Scripts Info:
spiral.m = calculate and plot ramp in octave/matlab

beams.m  = calculate data of beam for ramp to be used in FE
cols.m    = calculate data of columns for ramp to be used in FE
slabs.m   = calculate data of triangular slab for ramp to be used in FE

Background Theory
Circle plot requires x = r*sin(t) and y = r*cos(t) where t increments from 0 to any given radians. If we increment z from 0 to given height h with some increment, and plot with x and y of a circle,  we will get a 3D spiral curve. Two such spiral curve can be used to calculate data point for ramp. Below is the sample code. You can run this by copy and paste directly in gnu octave or matlab or  create script out of it.

Spiral Ramp Code in MATLAB

rad = pi;
inct = pi/9;
h = 10;

zinc = h/(length(t)-1);
z1 = [0:zinc:h];
z2 = z1;

x1 = r1*sin(t);
y1 = r1*cos(t);

x2 = r2*sin(t);
y2 = r2*cos(t);


Ramp plot in octave

Ramp plot in octave
By using, beams, cols and slabs script function, csv data will be created that can be formatted as per any finite element code. Here I formatted it for sap2K.

Ramp view in sap2k

Ramp view in sap2k 
A spreadsheet with sample sap2k format is attached with this code. Below is video tutorial explaining usage of this code:

 Language   English
 Duration   14 Mins
 Format  .MP4
 Size   57 Mb


Parametric input for Ramp in Finite Element using RampCalc
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