Create an Interaction Diagram in Mathcad Prime 3.0 and SAP2000

In this opportunity we share with you in a series of three videos, the procedure to elaborate a spreadsheet that builds the curve of the interaction diagram of a column in Mathcad Prime 3.0, also shows the usefulness of the sheet and an approximate validation Comparing results with the diagram elaborated in SAP2000 through the module "Section Designer".

To achieve this, tools such as:
- Creation of arrays and tables are used.
- Handling and operations with matrices.
- Operations in indicial notation.
- Definition of variables.
- Use of units.
- Programming.
- Elaboration of multiple graphs in Mathcad.
- Import of Excel data to Mathcad
- Interaction diagram creation in SAP2000
- Comparison of interaction diagram made in Mathcad with the results of the diagram obtained in the Section Designer module of SAP2000.

The classes have been prepared with support material such as the book "Concrete Armed Behavior and Design" by Dr. Luis Fargier and the book "Concrete Structures in Mathcad 14" by Dr. Seun Sambath. An adaptation has been made by the Engineer Gabriela Guzmán Msc. To update the methodology to Mathcad Prime 3.0, and include the validation and utility of the elaborated sheet. We hope it will be of benefit to all of you.

 Language   Spanish
 Duration   2 Mins
 Format  .MP4
 Size   557 Mb

Create an Interaction Diagram in Mathcad Prime 3.0 and SAP2000
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