Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wall Types

Details  Language   English  Duration   7 Mins  Format  .MP4  Size   127 Mb   Understanding Wall Types per IBC: fire partition, smoke partition, fire barrier, firewall these are confusing on when we can use them and...

Advanced Soil Mechanics Lecture Series: Water Flow in Soil

Details  Language   English  Duration   2: 30 hrs: Mins  Format  .MP4  Size   550 Mb   Content Hydraulic conductivity, Hydraulic conductivity part 2 LaPlace Eq and 2D flow Finite Difference Formulation Excel FD solution FE example Downloads Code Advanced...

Connection Design Dealing with Load Path, Transfer Forces and Apparent Lack of Joint Equilibrium

Details  Language   English  Duration   1.5 Mins  Format  .MP4  Size   75 Mb   About  While today's software is increasingly automated, few offer a "transfer force" calculator to aid in the preparation of design drawings containing complete...

Force Method with a Moment Reaction Redundant

Details  Language   English  Duration   33 Mins  Format  .MP4  Size   212 Mb     About Video Lecture A full force method example for the analysis of a 2D frame with one degree of indeterminacy. The moment reaction...

How do Columns Fail ?

Details  Language   English  Duration   8 Mins  Format  .MP4  Size   37 Mb   In this video we look at columns and the equations that govern the behavior of columns. How do columns fail? And what...

Structural Analysis Examples: Calculating Determinate Structure Reactions with Inclined Loads

An example problem showing how to calculate support reactions for a structure that has an internal support (internal roller) and an inclined member with...

Earned Value Example for Construction Project

This is a quick example of how to use Earned Value for project controls in construction engineering and management. Details  Language   English  Duration   30 Mins  Format  .MP4  Size   71 Mb   Downloads Code Earned Value Example for...

Advanced Concrete Structures: Material Behaviour

Details  Language   English  Duration   2 Hrs  Format  .MP4  Size   993 Mb   Downloads Code Advanced Concrete Structures: Material Behaviour Download I Download II Become a Member to see this content

Design a Deck Foundation Built on Screw Piles

Details  Language   English  Duration   20 Mins  Format  .MP4  Size   110 Mb   A 10 minute video tutorial by Stan Higgins, Independent Owner of Postech Winnipeg Screw Piles to show potential customers how to design...

Concrete Stress-Strain Curve – Reinforced Concrete Design

Identifies the specified compressive strength and modulus of elasticity of concrete. Discusses strain limits and modulus of elasticity computation in the ACI 318 Building Code . Download Code Concrete...