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Download various Civil Engineering Lectures on Structural Analysis, Design, Geotechnical Design, etc.

Structural Analysis Examples: Calculating Determinate Structure Reactions with Inclined Loads

An example problem showing how to calculate support reactions for a structure that has an internal support (internal roller) and an inclined member with...

Concrete Stress-Strain Curve – Reinforced Concrete Design

Identifies the specified compressive strength and modulus of elasticity of concrete. Discusses strain limits and modulus of elasticity computation in the ACI 318 Building Code . Download Code Concrete...

Excavation Support System Design (Sheetpile Walls, Secant Pile Walls)

Content Analyze the forces along a cantilever excavation support wall. Explain the difference between the at-rest condition, active pressure, and passive pressure in teh context of...

Convention for the Subscripts for Shear Stress and Sign Convention

Download Code Convention for the Subscripts for Shear Stress and Sign Convention Download Become a Member to see this content  

Reinforced Concrete T-Beam Design according to ACI 318-08

This example analyzes a specific concrete T-beam section to determine its moment capacity in accordance with ACI 318-08.  This example specifically explores the condition...

Flexure Formula – Mechanics of Materials

This video describes the deformation of a structural member due to transverse loading (aka bending) and shows the derivation of the flexure formula.  . Download Code Flexure Formula...

Base Plate Design Hand Calculation

This video, through an example of a scaled drawing of a column and base plate, shows many of the standards for hand sketching, such...

Drawing Shear Moment Diagrams Example- Mechanics of Materials and Statics

Examples of drawing a shear and moment diagram graphically for a simply supported beam with a concentrated moment and linearly distributed load. . Download Code Drawing Shear Moment...

Finding the Shear Force and Bending Moment Diagram for a Beam with a Hinge

Details  Language   English  Duration   34 Mins  Format  .MP4  Size   190 Mb   About Video Lecture An example problem showing how to calculate the reactions and the shear and bending moment diagram for a determinate propped...

Reinforced Concrete Design – Over-Reinforced Rectangular Beam

This example analyzes a beam that is over-reinforced by ACI standards (it cannot be considered a tension controlled section). Typically, a beam is considered...