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Design Calculations

Civil and Structural Engineering Designs of Conceptual Designs, Superstruture and Substruccture Design calculations of Concrete and Steel Buildings

Steel Connection Worked Example

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Hand Calculations of Structural Elements

Content Gravity retailing wall One way joist Concrete staircase Rectangular footing Square footing Masonry wall footing RCC wall footing Spiral column Tied column Rectangular water tank Circular water tank Design of swimming pool Design of one way...

Structural Design Examples

Structural Design Examples Introduction for Reinforced Concrete Design Dimensions American International Units Architectural Structural Drawing MaxMax B.M.D S.F.D. for Beams Loads On Beams Load Distribution Behavior of Beams Under Bending Design...

Structural Analysis and Design Calculations according to Egyption Code 2008

Content Design standard and codes Method of design Electronic programs utilized Components of the first unit Structural system Materials and their properties Types of Loads Combination of load Analysis and design Slabs Solid Slab Flat...

Design Principles for Steel Roof Truss

Steel trusses are being used for both buildings and bridges. But the design principles are different for different uses. Many books are course oriented and not...

Design of Pile Cap

The term “pile cap” may be used to describe a reinforced concrete slab constructed on top of a group of foundation piles to evenly...

Design Tips for Structural Elements

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Structural Design Report and Model Files of House Building

Structural design and analysis will be in accordance with the following Codes and Standards ACI –   American Concrete Institute  AISC –   American Institute of Steel  Construction ASCE...

Structural Design Calculation of Building

Content 1 Roof design 1.1. External pressure 1.2. Internal pressure 1.3. Loading 1.4. Analysis of individual panels 1.5. Adjustment of support moment 1.6. Span adjustment 1.7. Reinforcement 2 Slab design 2.1. Depth determination 2.2. Loading 2.3....