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Civil and Structural Engineering Designs of Conceptual Designs, Superstruture and Substruccture Design calculations of Concrete and Steel Buildings

Sustainable Building Design Education – An Introduction to Building Physics

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An Introduction to Tensile Fabric Membrane Structures

More and more projects like the Millennium Dome in London and the Denver International Airport are using tensile fabric structures. Tensile fabric structures are...

Using Building Information Modeling (BIM) as a Structural Engineer:Looking at BIM through Case Studies

BIM is a trending digital phenomenon that is built for the multidisciplinary coordination of all project parties and the systematic integration of databases and...

Structural Load Paths

Flat Slab: Load Path -Gravity loads imposed on and transferred to flat slabs -Loads carried floor by floor from slabs to nearest columns / core walls in...

Load Types and Combinations

Structural framing needs to be designed for loads that fulfill client’s performance requirements, to transfer loads stably through proper load paths, and to fulfill...

Eccentrically Loaded Bolt Group: Online Coefficient Calculator

Here is another post for Structural Designers specializing Connection Design. Non-engineers may opt to skip reading this post. They might find this blogpost not...

Eccentrically Loaded Bolt Group: Analysis and Design with VBA for Excel Implementation

Once in a while I will be posting on this blog topics about engineering and structural design that are relevant to my job as...

Guard Rail / Handrail: Structural Design

Guardrail Versus Handrail The terms handrail and guardrail are often used interchangeably, although they have two different definitions. According to most building codes, guardrails (or...

Basic Handrail Calculator: A JavaScript Application

While struggling to learn the basics of JavaScript and, perhaps, eventually master the language, I came up with the idea of evaluating what I...


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