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Civil and Structural Engineering Designs of Conceptual Designs, Superstruture and Substruccture Design calculations of Concrete and Steel Buildings

Structural Design Guidelines for Bridge Design

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Innovative Shear Design

Innovative Shear Design presents a new, rational and economical design procedure that offers increased protection against shear for all types of structures. The first...

Structural Design of Culvert Joints

This document explores the effect of longitudinal bending on joints in rigid (reinforced concrete) and flexible (corrugated steel and thermoplastic) culverts. The report examines...

Static and Dynamic Analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Flat Slab Frame Building for Progressive...

The problem of the progressive collapse of a building has been addressed using a reinforced concrete flat slab frame. This structure was tested in the...

Structural Scheme Design Guide

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Design of Shear Wall Buildings

The design of shear and core walls is reviewed. This is based on available methods of analysis, covering their elastic, elasto-plastic and dynamic behaviour....

Building Structures and Technology Lecture Notes

TABLE OF CONTENTS TOPIC 2: FLOOR FRAMING SYSTEMS  GENERAL. 5 1.1 Purpose: 5 1.2 Factors affecting the selection of a floor system:. 5 TYPES OF FLOOR SYSTEMS...

Preliminary Design of Building Structures

Contents Introduction 1.1 Course Outline. 5 1.2 Syllabus 8 1.3 Programme. 9 1.4 Studying. 10 1.5 General Report Advice  12 1.6 Report Requirements . 14 1.7 Reading Material . 16 1.8 Some...

Structures in Achitecture

Structures not only support gravity and other loads, but are essential to define form and space. To design structures in synergy with form and space...

Construction Contract Notice Letters

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