Base Plate Modelling in STAAD Pro V8i

In normal situations Base plates are designed using codebase procedures (e.g. AISC-ASD). But most of the times Structural Engineers often run into situations where there are no codes available to design a particular type of a base plate. In these situations, an engineer may opt to do a finite element analysis on the base plate. STAAD.Pro V8i is equipped with a lot of mesh generation and loading tools.
The purpose of this document is to demonstrate how engineers can analyze base plates using STAAD.Pro V8i.Exercise Problem:
Create the following base plate geometry in STAAD.Pro.
Base plate size: 400mmX400mmX14mm
Pipe: Ø100, Wall thickness= 10mm
Stiffener: 150mmX100mm X10mm

Base Plate Modelling in STAAD Pro V8i [Video Leccture + Manual with Illustration] 

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